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Hi, I was tagged by this annoying person f-akeflowers


rule1: always post the rules
rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and then write your own 10 questions
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f-akeflowers questions:

  1. What´s your favourite animal?

LION, I like the danger, fearseness about them, and admire those who have the guts to live and play with them, as if they’re domestic pets (cats and dog)

2. Biggest reason why you like your crush?

My crush, are all unreachble crush, such as Ian Somerhalder (those eyes, and his smile); Chris Hemsworth ( that body (GOD!!!)); Daniel Craig (could be my father, but thanks god his not, so I can have a crush on him) ahahah Alex Skarsgard and Joe Magniello, i could go on with the list, but I need to move on :P

3. Is there someone in your family that you’re really close with ?

A side my parents, I think my big brother. 

4. Favourite Tv Show?

Since True Blood, Arrow, Scandal, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries, it’s a hard choice I would have to chose VAMPIRE DIARIES. 

5. Have you ever been to a concert? If yes, what was the best one yet?

Yes, the first with this annoying person above, James Morrison at “Oceans Festival” - Portugal 

6. Do you do any sports?

No I don’t, but I should to get fit to my college ball, that is very soon. 

But would love to practice tennis. 

7. Are you a cat or dog person?

Dog person I think if we’re thinking the same way….:D Aside lions and tigers, i don’t like cats, they’re dubtfull, and weird. They stair at u like you’re something to eat.

8. Is there a thing you’re really good at?

I don’t like evaluating myself, but one thing I’m sure GREAT FRIEND

9. Would you rather be a mermaid, a fairy or a unicorn?

Mermaid, not because I like very my red meat

Fairies, not because I think about them as TinkerBell, and I don’t like that character 

Unicorn, horns and me not. 

But I’would like to have powers and skylls, like wonder woman (super woman), or being torch woman, or female version of magneto ahahahah

10. Favourite food? 

"Caril de Amendoim" typpical dishe of mozambique cousine 

                    My questions!

  1. What’s your favourite collour?
  2. What was your last dream about ?
  3. Where would you travel now?
  4. Best thing you did today?
  5. Favourite book?
  6. What music band/musician you can’t stop geting enough of?
  7. Do you like anime? Name the one you liked the most.
  8. Your Perfect GUY/GIRL is?
  9. best quote of the week?
  10. In which movie would you like participate?

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